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Our company has been deep plowing crane equipment technology and solutions and other fields, is a collection of R & D, production, sales, service in one of the technology enterprises.
The company provides comprehensive crane products and services, covering various industrial cranes, wire rope electric hoists, ring chain electric hoists and other crane products and high quality crane services.
We have the courage to innovate, the pursuit of technological progress, excellence, dedicated to providing customers with professional, more secure, more economical crane solutions.
After careful design and verification by engineers, we pay attention to details, each link is carefully designed, materials are imported well-known brand components, products affordable, cost-effective.

Kunshan new only lifting equipment Co., Ltd.Custom lifting equipment

Kunshan Xin Chong Chong heavy equipment Co., Ltd. Main Kunshan crane, Kunshan crane, Kunshan crane maintenance, Kunshan hang crane. Our company is a large comprehensive enterprise which integrates crane design, research and development, manufacturing, sales and service. The company has a large variety of large machinery processing equipment and reliable production process, perfect inspection and testing means, strict quality assurance system. Our main products are single beam crane, double beam crane, gantry crane, crane, bridge machine etc. Luqiao foundry engineering equipment and various non-standard hoisting equipment for metallurgy, electricity, machinery, mining, por......【View Details】

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Precautions for using seamless
The power supply slip line of frequency conversion single beam crane usually has three types: seamless slip line, pipe slip line and unipolar slip line. In recent years, seamless slip line has been use...
How to choose the hook of 2017
The hook of frequency converter crane is composed of several simple parts, such as hook, nut, thrust bearing, crossbeam and pulley. So do you know how to choose the hook of frequency converter crane? B...
What are the differences betwee
Crane work level: Using the level of the work of the busy level, according to the design of the total operating life of the various agencies in the total hours of hours divided into T0 to T9, a total o...